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Wish List 
















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Successful Touchdown!  


... not on planet Mars, but in the safe harbour of marriage! 

On Independence Day, Friday July 4, 1997 at 11.30 a.m. we were married: 

Christina Metzner, geb. Neise 


             Claus Jörg Metzner 

Everyone is very happy, as you see with dog "Pelpas"! 



Even the parents yearned for this event 


      ... Fiancée's                    and Finacé's.


Do you know where we are? 




This is probably the spot where we can usually be found,  
unless we have to hide ourselves from tropical rain ... 


... but we could also be somewhere around here: 


Well, that's nice, but how are we  
spending those tropical nights? 


or perhaps ... 


or maybe this way? 


Our Wish List: 

- 4 to 5 little babies, raised to be nice children.  
  Three boys and two girls! 
- only few quarrels 
- if quarrel, then with heavy conciliation 
- a cleaning lady 
- quiet neighbours 
- wonderful weather 
- a tremendous wedding party! 


Parents of Fiancée: 

Ute und Heinz Neise 

Parents of Fiancé: 

Marlies und Claus O. Metzner 

The Couple: 

Tina & Jörg Metzner